Testimonials ForChantel Campbell, CNE

Realtor with amazing knowledge of local market

If you’re looking for a realtor in this crazy Denver market, you can do no better than Chantel! She has an amazing knowledge of the local market, and will help you find exactly the right house in exactly the right neighborhood. We just wrapped up the process of both selling and buying a house working with her on both sides. We found a house we loved before we’d sold our current house and she helped us get our current house sold in record time (under contract in ~2 days!) so that we could close on the new one without a hitch. Not saying your whole process has to go this fast, but with Chantel’s help, we found a new home, sold our old home, and closed on the new one in less than 40 days! Throughout the hectic process, she was there for us, making sure all the “i”s were dotted and “t”s were crossed and that we knew everything that was going on the entire time. Even when things got a little cross-ways at the end with a less-than-reputable seller and seller’s agent, she expertly and quickly handled the situation and made sure we got what we needed! I can not imagine how our home selling/buying process would have gone without her, and am happy we don’t have to find out! Seriously. Need a realtor? She’s the one