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There are Apps for Happiness!!!

August is a tough month for many of my clients and for myself as the kids get ready for school. I tend to get completely overwhelmed in my business, with my house and family and with my finances. I have a tendency, like most people to focus on the negative rather than the positive things in my life. That negativity seeps into other areas on a regular basis. Many people know that my mantra is “Life is Good” so in that vein, I am committing to focus on the positive this month and thought I would share in case you are overwhelmed too! Perhaps these apps might get you off to a good start!

Happy Habits App – this amazing app has a digital gratitude journal to start your mindset and attitude off right. It offers meditation audios, happiness related reading, and a happiness to do list. Share the inspiring quotes with others so you can spread the happiness!!!

Gratitude and Happiness App – this apps focus in on the time you spend with family and friends and your personal acts of kindness. Log what you do and rate your happiness and watch how it all relates day after day to your individual happiness.

Take a Chill (for teens and tweens) – We like to think that our kids have it easy and often forget the weight that they carry worrying about homework, grades, friends and even getting into a good college. This great app helps teens and tweens deal with their stress with mediation exercises they can use during high anxiety moments. They can also use the app to send encouraging reminders and inspirational quotes just before stressful moments like big exams, or right before a big game.

Live Positive – This app is simply a positivity meter. You are encouraged to click whenever you think something positive and happy. You can set daily, weekly and monthly click goals to help program your brain to think about the positive and remember that your glass is half full.

If you are up for an extra challenge find the book 29 Gifts on Amazon. It is an easy read and when you are through you will want to start your own 29 day challenge to give 29 gifts to the world around you, or even to yourself and see how that gratitude trickles into your life… I have personally done the 29 day challenge 5 times and it has had an amazing impact on my life.

Now, get out there and find your happy!!!!